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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Easy way to help combat climate change

Did you know this shocking fact about climate change: Deforestation (chopping down large numbers of trees in places like the Amazon) creates up to a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions - that is an amount equal to all the world’s planes and cars, trains and ships put together. In one area of the Amazon alone, called Acre, deforestation between 1996 and 2005 generated around 22 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Protecting the Amazon rainforest is vital in fighting global climate change, and I have just found a really easy way to do this. There's a website called where you can sponsor an acre of rainforest from £3 a month and Sky, who are in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, will match your donation to effectively double the amount you give. I've just signed up for £10 a month because helping to save the rainforest does a MASSIVE amount to help our planet in so may ways, not just the vital area of climate change.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How Would You Like To Say Goodbye To Your Power Bill...?

Say Goodbye To Your Power Bill & Get FREE energy - Here's How:

Anyone else feel frustrated with the ever-rising power bills?

I have found myself struggling with the fact that the power companies make huge profits but we still get ever increasing bills. There is a solution however.

Did you know that you can generate your own electric energy, using a magnetic energy generator?

It works by itself, and it produces absolutely free energy.

It's called Magniwork, visit the following link to find out more :

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It is getting widely popular and people are starting to massively implement
these generators, and completely eliminate their power bills.

Its so empowering to be in control of where your power comes from, and I feel fantastic getting out of the clutches of the big power companies.

There's a special discount on this right now, and I have never seen
Magniwork being priced so low. However, the offer may only last for a few days so at least check it out before the price goes back up.

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p.s You have nothing to lose because yhey're so sure that this will slash your power bill, that they're even offering an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee!!