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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Going green low cost!

Going green can cost a fortune if you don't know how to do it yourself - for instance getting solar panels professionally fitted can cost you around $30,000... and I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of money lying around.

BUT did you know that you can easily make your own solar panels for just a few hundred? Don't worry, you don't need to be a DIY expert or anything.

And just think what you will save, every month, forever, on your power bills! How much do you pay each month currently? You can do the maths and see what you will save just over the next 5 years.

Importantly you will be doing your bit to help the planet too.

This Going Green DIY kit has excellent videos that show you exactly how to build your own solar panels, and you'll see here a 12-year old boy who has made them, so how hard can it be? Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The 11th Hour - Leonardo DiCaprio's Environment Film - Here's the trailer

Celebrities Who Have 'Gone Green'

Which celebs are setting a great example for us all by going green? Well, here are some we have all heard of, hats off to them for all they do to help our planet;

Leonardo DiCaprio
Daryl Hannah
Tom Hanks
Ed Norton
Hayden Panettiere
Harrison Ford (He said "We cannot live well without going green")
Hilary Duff
Willie Nelson
Ashley Judd
Cameron Diaz
Orlando Bloom

Friday, 14 May 2010

Intriguing Technique Designed To Maximize Your Mileage and… Make Your Car Run on Water

Desperate times require desperate measures and no, I’m not talking about stealing gasoline from your neighbor’s truck. How would you like to make your car run with water? Yeah, I know it sounds absurd, but it is actually doable.

The basic principle is rather simple: water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. After you manage to obtain these elements out of which hydrogen fuel is the important one, you combine them back (by a process specialists like to call burning) and thus you get free energy. Hooray for chemistry!

Did you spot the problem yet? Well… let me help you. Obtaining hydrogen and oxygen consumes more power than you would get by simply burning them and this would apparently make the whole water engine thing useless.

Bummer? Not quite.

Because we can do something else. We can combine these raw materials with gasoline and thus get more power. It is a bit counter-intuitive I know, but this technique dramatically increases the efficiency with which the gasoline burns and thus you save fuel

Ok!! So how do you actually do this thing? Well… a website exists where you can take all the info you need on how to make your auto run with water, the DYI route. So take a look here for more details; Run Car on Water

Monday, 15 February 2010


Free Energy? Really?? Well, yes actually. Did you know you can generate your own electric energy? All you need, and you can easily build it yourself (even if you are no good at DIY), is a Magnetic Energy Generator.

The advantage of this is, it works in any house in any conditions - even extreme cold or extreme heat. Plus, you can get all the raw materials to make it for less than $100, or the equivalent price in your country.

It works BY ITSELF and produces completely FREE ENERGY.

Now, you may be wondering, as I did, how come everyone isn't already using this? After all, we keep being told the planet's energy resources are running out...

Well, there's a shocking video called 'FREE ENERGY - PENTAGON CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP' which explains why you may not have even heard of magnetic energy.

You can view it at the top right of this blog.

You can find out more about this type of energy and how to get more information if you want to build a generator yourself: Free Energy Information

You might also want to consider the business opportunity this creates; You could build these generators for other people and charge them for it... Just a thought, but how great to make money by helping people get free energy!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Use The Power of The Sun With Solar Electricity

Advantages of Solar Electricity
When asked about alternative energy or renewable energy, most people think of solar electricity. Generating electricity from the sun is a technology that everyone knows well. Whether it is your pocket calculator, home, or workshop, regardless of your power needs, solar electricity can get the job done.

Solar electricity has a number of unique advantages over conventional or grid-based electricity. Solar electric systems can be designed for a variety of applications and are extremely beneficial in remote areas where other electric opportunities do not exist. In addition, photovoltaic systems that generate solar electricity have no moving parts therefore requiring minimal maintenance, are easily expandable, and with many smaller units, transportable.

Environmental compatibility is a huge selling point for converting to solar electricity. The fuel for generating solar electricity is a free renewable resource, the sun. Solar electricity offers no noise pollution and actually almost no pollution from their operation.

Another appealing factor for many who choose solar electricity over conventional electricity is simply the independence. It is an attractive offer to many rural dwellers to know that when the lights go out due to storms or blackouts, theirs are still working. No longer a slave to waiting on hold to report an outage to find it will be 10 hours before their service will be restored.

The hardest part of converting to solar electricity is the cost of the system. Investing in a solar energy system can be a substantial upfront cost. The value of solar electricity is realized over several years. A professionally installed solar array for an average dwelling (avg. $100/month in electric bills) could pay for itself in 5 years.

You could reduce that number by building your own solar panel system or by purchasing a used system. With many solar energy systems in less rural areas and only in some states, you can sell your unused solar electricity back to the electric company. In these situations the return on your investment is realized much more quickly.

Using the power of sun with solar electricity is a benefit to the environment and to your home. Solar electricity is already being used to supplement power for a number of large cities in North America. Take time to learn more about solar electricity and how you can have trade in your electric bill for a carefree life with solar electricity.

Friday, 5 February 2010


Living off the grid

The shortage of power, the rapid consumption of non-renewable energy, the ever-increasing demand for power supply, the daily warnings about our environment are enough signs to tell us that it’s time we do something.

So, what can we do? For starters, how about living off the grid?

If I have startled you with that proposition, let me tell you that living off the grid not only helps the environment and helps save power; it also cuts down our electricity bill substantially. Now, that’s a tangible benefit apart from all the good you will do to the world. Trust me, you will feel good doing this.

Let us first study the advantages of living off the grid.

• Reduced dependability on exhausting resources:

Who wants to depend on public utilities all the time? Living off the grid helps you rely only on your resources and not the ones supplied by governments or corporations. How often have you cursed when faced with a power outage in the midst of some important work or a party? Wouldn’t you like to take charge of such factors affecting you life? With alternate power solutions, you can.

• Freedom of usage of naturally available resources:
How would you feel when you don’t have to pay for the power you use? Wouldn’t it be delightful to use as much power as you want without worrying about the electricity meter? You can make use of the abundant power available in nature to light up your home and make your food. The solar power solutions and the wind power solutions are the answers to your power quest (well, literally!).

• Reduced power costs, helping save your money:
How would you feel if the electricity bills stop coming in your letter box? The alternate power solutions give you a return on investment very soon, thus making the power supply to your home eventually free!

• Making way for a healthier environment:
Don’t you bless the people who planted trees years ago not expecting them to miraculously grow? They planted those trees for the future generations. Make the future of your future generations secure by giving them a greener, healthier world. Cut down on the usage of non-renewable sources of energy. Try to use water minimally. There is not much drinking water left for the next generations.

If you are thinking it is not very feasible to live off the grid, look for alternate power solutions and you will be surprised to learn that they are not only cost-effective but also extremely feasible.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power bill. Get our complete guide at

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Many homeowners today are looking into integrating green energy sources for developing more energy efficient homes and businesses. A green energy source is power generated through renewable resources, such as the sun, wind and water.

The other benefit of green energy sources is their low contribution to global warming, pollution and other environmental issues.

The most popular of green energy sources is the sun.

Energy captured from the sun is called solar energy. Of the green energy sources, solar energy is the most popular because it offers multiple options for use.

It is possible to harness electrical energy from the sun using solar panels consisting of photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity you can use in your home or business.

There are also solar hot water collectors that use the heat of the sun to produce hot water. These solar green energy sources are readily available and increasing in popularity as most homes and businesses can have them mounted on their roof and they can take advantage of lowered utility costs.

The most efficient of green energy sources is wind. Wind has been used to power water pumps for centuries, but has grown in popularity as a way to supplement home and business electricity needs. Wind is the safest and cleanest of the green energy sources as it produces no pollutants and does not contribute to global warming.

Wind energy is harnessed by erecting a turbine that spins in the breeze generating electricity. Unlike the sun, which can be found almost anywhere, in order to utilize wind as a green energy source, you must live in an area where wind is readily available.

Water is also a viable participant of green energy sources.
Water is less widely used as a green energy source for homes, as not all homes have an available stream to produce the needed electricity.

The Amish have used water to power entire shops using conveyer belt systems, so it is an old practice, but it is still being used successfully today. As with solar and wind energy, energy harnessed from moving water is almost completely pollutant free and is generated from a renewable resource.

Green energy sources
are available for use to combat global warming, our dependence on fossil fuels and to lower our monthly budget.

Investing in green energy sources for your home and business needs can add dollars to your wallet and years to the life of our Earth.


Advantage of renewable energy.

I hope you enjoy my blog all about renewable energy.

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